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Nitix™ Core Technologies and Services
Nitix contains core technologies and services that incorporate autonomic functionality and build on the strengths of Linux to deliver a superior and cost-effective server operating system.

ExchangeIt! Groupware
ExchangeIt! is a Microsoft® Outlook and Ximian® Evolution™ -compatible alternative solution to the key collaboration services provided by Microsoft Exchange Sever. Integrated into the Nitix operating system, ExchangeIt! leverages Nitix’s NetIntelligence, idb and SystemER technologies making it an extremely reliable, secure and recoverable groupware solution.

NetIntelligence automatic network discovery
NetIntelligence allows Nitix to intelligently discover the network world around it and configure itself automatically.

Non-volatile solid state disk or CD
Providing the ultimate in reliability and crash recovery, the Nitix operating system and configuration files can be stored on a non-volatile solid-state disk or CD-ROM. In the event of a hard disk failure, the solid-state disk or CDROM allows the system to continue to operate as a LAN-to-Internet and firewall device. System recovery is simply a matter of installing a new hard disk and initiating the recovery sequence; the system automatically restores itself to normal operating state.

SystemER - 2 minute disaster recovery system
SystemER (Emergency Recovery) is an innovative recovery system unique to Nitix that enables fast and easy recovery from a catastrophic system failure -- from total hard disk to motherboard or CPU failures -- in just 2 minutes.

Advanced journaling file system
The journaling file system is faster and much more robust than standard file systems and features superior crash resistance enabling incredibly fast re-mounting of the file system after improper shutdown, as in the case of a power failure.

File Services
High performance cross-platform file services for Windows and Macintosh clients.

Integrated backup system
Nitix is the only server operating system in its class that supports an integrated backup system. Intelligent Disk Backup (idb) features continuous micro-backups as often as every 15 minutes and automatic backup management, making backups and recovery reliable and easy.

Software RAID Technology
For increased data storage capacity and additional redundancy, Nitix Premium Edition supports RAID 1 (mirroring) or RAID 5 (multidisk array) with idb backup. Nitix’s Software RAID Technology allows you complete read and write access to the server during a RAIDrebuild.

Positive Web Filtering
Positive Web Filtering allows administrators to restrict web access to only a few select web sites and allow full Internet access from specific workstations.

TunnelVision VPN
Employing the Internet as a connection medium, the TunnelVision Virtual Private Network solution delivers a safe and easy way to connect offices to each other. Data is secured in transit using the 128 bit Blowfish encryption algorithm or using standard IPsec.

Remote Access Services (RAS)
Using Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), users can securely connect to their network from anywhere on the Internet. PPTP support is built into all Microsoft Windows clients and third party PPTP is available for Macintosh clients.

DoubleVision high reliability Internet connectivity
DoubleVision enables the combination of two or more separate Internet links from different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to be connected to one Nitix-powered server providing an effective increase in available Internet bandwidth as all HTTP Internet traffic is intelligently spanned across both links.

Remote user management tools
For more powerful remote desktop management, Nitix presents a new screen from the main menu that displays a list of current active users, and offers remote access to their workstations.

LDAP server
All Nitix users are automatically listed on a builtin LDAP server (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) for providing address book feature to email client.

Anti-Virus* and Anti-Spam*
Nitix AntiVirus and Nitix AntiSpam software protect your Nitix network and email from viruses and spam. *Optional

Nitix’s integrated Apache® web server makes it easy to host reliable, high-performance websites. Virtual servers, CGI scripts, Perl 5.0, PHP and SSL are also supported. Nitix is equipped with an auto-configuring WWW proxy cache server that significantly improves client-browsing response, while maximizing Internet bandwidth utilization.

Email services
Nitix’s advanced email server provides POP3 and IMAP mailboxes for users and supports mail forwarding, vacation auto reply and automatic email retrieval using IMAP or POP3 over SSL. The WebMail capability allows users to access their emails, calendars and address books using
the Internet.

Nitix’s state-of-the-art auto configuring firewall offers protection from hackers and other intruders, and is ICSA firewall security certification compliant. The firewall executes stateful inspections of all incoming IP packets and performs network and port address translation thereby hiding the internal network from the Internet.

MySQL server
The integrated, auto configuring MySQL database server provides a database management system with superior speed, compactness and stability and is easily accessible through a webbased interface.

FTP server
The integrated high performance FTP server offers an easy way to provide high volume file downloads.

Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
DDNS eliminates the need for expensive and often hard-to-obtain static IP addresses. This feature allows mail, web sites and FTP services to be hosted on any Nitix-powered server connected to an inexpensive dynamically addressed DSL or cable Internet line.

DHCP & DNS servers
The auto-configuring DHCP server assigns IP addresses to all users on the internal LAN, while the integrated auto-configuring DNS server takes care of Internet name resolution.

Remote deployment analog dial-in support
Analog dial-in support provides the ultimate in remote deployment and management.

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[ Benefits of Nitix ] [ Nitix Core Technologies & Services ]
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Nitix, Small business network, Server, Internet services, Autonomic, Linux














Nitix, Small business network, Server, Internet services, Autonomic, Linux

















Nitix, Small business network, Server, Internet services, Autonomic, Linux
















Nitix, Small business network, Server, Internet services, Autonomic, Linux

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