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IT Infrastructure Management
*Cost effective alternative to costly full-time IT staff
More and more companies are realizing the benefits of hiring professionals to manage their IT Infrastructure.  This includes servers, printers, Internet connection and services, email, SAN, VPN, backup systems, workstations, and critical applications.  Effective management of an IT Infrastructure is not waiting for problems to occur and then scrambling to fix them.  True IT Management is taking proactive measures, monitoring (both automated and actual), an keeping the system tuned to peak performance to avoid as many problems and pitfalls as possible.  Silicon Webb becomes your “front line” on the IT frontier.
*Hourly and contract rates available.

IT Consulting
“The key is better information and deeper consideration”  Benjamin Franklin, 1778 
Eventually, all companies must face the building of, the expansion of, or the re-vamping of their existing IT Infrastructure.  With more and more disparate technologies available, the choices can be daunting.  All companies, big or small, want the same thing out of their IT Infrastructure….the best value for their money.  A popular buzz term going around today: ROI, stands for Return on Investment.  Any way you look at it an IT Infrastructure is an investment.  Let Silicon Webb assist you in analyzing your needs, and then building the best Infrastructure your budget will allow.  Then you too can realize a greater ROI! 

IT Rescue
*Excellent, responsive service.
When a system is down, no one wants to hear the consultant's voicemail informing them that they are unavailable.  When your IT Infrastructure experiences problems, you don't have the time to be reading a manual or troubleshooting yourself. The technicians at Silicon Webb are master troubleshooters!  Your IT Infrastructure does not observe a 9-5 schedule and neither do we.  Technical support is 24 hours a day, every day.  If you face a major catastrophe -crashed server, failed firewall, WAN connection down, severe virus infection- our response time is 30 minutes or less call back on all emergency calls, and 4 hours on-site.  In the interest of long-term relationships, we don’t take advantage of you in your time of need.  Emergency Rescue service is just $125/hr no matter how big or involved the problem is.

System Secure Protection Plan
*Exclusive 5-step protection
Security has become a focal point for all owners of IT Infrastructures.  The thought of a compromised system can make even the most stout-hearted manager go a little weak in the knees.  Many companies today take several measures to protect their IT Infrastructure but usually do not have set policies in place to effectively and thouroughly protect their IT investment.  Silicon Webb takes a comprehensive approach to system protection.  Take a look at our 5-step approach to ensure the integrity of your IT Infrastructure.


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